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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

I didn't like it. In fact, I must admit I'm not liking season 5 at all. The show has gone astray, and it's becoming more and more a mess with each episode. It all started with the introduction of Savage Opress (Jesus, what a retarded name) in season 3, a completely unnecessary and uninteresting version of Darth Maul on steroids, brought in for a single purpose - shifting focus from Palpatine and Dooku in order to stretch out the show as much as possible. Yeah, because what we really need is more Sith. Pitty, because Ventress was truly a great character, which should have been explored more thoroughly.

Then there's the whole Darth Maul resurrection thing, stupendously contrived and goofy. You made the mistake of killing the guy off, now fucking live with it and commit to your creative choice! Changing your mind like this only makes you look like you're not taking any of it seriously.

Lastly, Darth Maul subduing the galactic crime lords in mere minutes without encountering any substantial resistance is stupidity on par with space pirates beaming aboard the NX-01 unnoticed, with a security team nowhere in sight.

This show used to be great, but it definitely doesn't feel like canon any more.
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