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^Retu, next time have a look at a junk metal place. They often sell used car parts at a very low place

Today's Arrrgh: the central heating appears to be out of order. Fortunately, my place is well isolated and if by tonight it's too cold I'll take my hamster and my folding bed to my office (where the heating works perfectly )
Yeah, I could've done that, but there aren't many junkyards where I live. Also plastic parts are a bit iffy to get second hand. At least those that are secured in place just by pushing it in. Usually one or more of the fastening clips are broken off. And I got the matching color.

We also had problems with heat last week. There was an outage in the local power plant which caused the district heating to shut off. It also caused a pressure fluctuation in the heating pipes, causing one of them to burst. So not only we didn't have any heat, the street was also flooded with boiling bright green water.
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