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^It will be hard to adjust, and I don't think I'll know until I've had it for at least a couple weeks whether or not it's better than shots, but so far it's looking good. It is awkward to wear, but I think the benefits will far outweigh that. This allows for really tight control with micro doses of insulin. With shots you're stuck with 1 unit intervals, which is fine for type 2 diabetics, because type 2 diabetes involves insulin resistance. Type 2's and really insulin resistant people, like very overweight people, can take 20, 30, even 100 units in a meal, but I'm sensitive, so I might take 1 or 2 units. The pump is so precise that I can dose as low as 0.025 units. This means way better control.

Also, I don't handle Lantus insulin well, the long-acting insulin. I have a lot of side-effects, including weight gain. With the pump, I'll be off lantus. Plus, people who pump live on average 5 years longer than people who treat with injections. So, I think it's going to be worth it.
I had no idea the tolerances where so precise with type 1. Considering that and your other complications, this would seem the better solution. Here's hoping it works for you
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