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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

Whenever I'm watching the Lying Game, and I'm always watching The Lying Game and those stupid Twins mummy enters the camera frame, my heart skips a beat because that's frakking Supegirl.

You want off kilter?

How about Mary Marvel?

That way the token girl introduces the rest of the boys (and the tiger) who then have a walk on in the Justice League movie.

But as long as I can't get my mind off Supergirl...

Looking through all that, the one thing that did leap out at me, although I don't find her attractive, her face is squished up like a pitbull, but chicken of the sea stupid is almost indistinguishable from naive and innocent.

Jessica is apparently trying to get herself on a sitcom at the moment... Although she is hardly a girl anymore.

32 (Wikipedia.) is a Superwoman, not a Supergirl.

Although if she's bending steel in her bare hands, no one is likely to call her on it.
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