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Disclaimer: I don't have any complete series collections, and mostly just have a few Fan Collectives now to watch over and over. I've missed the last two seasons of ENT except for Fan Collective episodes. As a result, I'm unaware of the major arcs (and is why I prefer episodic rather than serial format). I tend not to rate episodes on a numeric scale.

Judgment (Episode 2:19)

TV blurb: Archer is put on trial for his life by the Klingon Empire.

There are some good performances here, notably by the always versatile J.G. Hertzler. Unfortunately, the story seems to unconsciencely echo DS9's "Tribunal" when showing the one-sentence-fits-all mentality of Klingon justice.

The tribunal hall scenes are well staged, intentionally drawing comparison to ST6:TUC, though on a smaller budget. Fanwankiness is evident, with the inclusion of a member of the Duras family, and the amazing coincidence that the Klingon word for "enemy" sounds like "Kirk".

I'm not a big fan of courtroom shows (TNG: The Drumhead is the exception), or flashbacks, and this episode contains both.

But overall, I liked the episode despite these two factors against it.
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