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Re: Inheriting before a relative dies

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I took up with a woman my parents don't care for. They disinherited me and left everything to my sister, who married wealthily and doesn't really need it.
Are there no failsafes against that in your country? In Germany, you can disinherit a relative only if the attempted to murder you. Under pretty much all other circumstances you'll be given a minimum inheritance, defined by the law.

My grandaunt gave me a lots of books and a very comfortable grandfather chair when she moved to a home for elderly people. And when my aunt died and my sis and I inherited her jewelry, my mom took the opportunity to give us a lot of hers as well (so that my sister and me now have the matching things my mom ad her sister had).
To make up for it, my brother (who is a hunter) got grandpa's old hunting gun.
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