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Do your family like Star Trek?

My Dad was the person who got me into watching Trek, when I was about 7 years old he used to watch TNG every week religiously, and I started to watch with him, for the next decade or so we would watch whenever Trek was on, from TNG through Enterprise. It was one of few things we had in common when I was younger, as he never really "got" kids, but I learned enough about the show that it was something we could always talk about, it brought us closer together which was a great thing.

He had an accident at work one day and a bucket of hot tar fell over his arm giving him bad burns, he had to go to hospital for emergency skin grafts, they brought him round after the operation, and told him they were going to give him pain meds that would make him tired, and he refused them because "Star Trek is on in half an hour"

He misses the show, I feel sorry for him because he's not internet savvy so he hasn't got much of an outlet for his trek-love, although I bought him a Kindle and a few Trek ebooks, so hopefully he gets into that.

Anyway, do your family or any members of them like Star Trek?
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