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Re: 2nd Asteroid prospecting company to start prospecting in 2015

The pieces the described foundry cannot produce have a far smaller mass AKA they can be relatively cheaply transported out of earth's gravity well.
Also - the foundry, as described, can produce high strength materials, which, combined with its flexibility, is revolutionary for manufacturing industry on Earth, as well.

If the cost of access to LEO drops down sufficiently (and it is in the process of dropping) than asteroid mining is in the cards for the immediate future.

"Actually, it doesn't. It will still be a long, long time before they can produce even half of the range of parts needed and assemble them."
The only real information conveyed in your posts is that you're disillusioned with how the Apollo age failed in everything but 'flags and footprints' missions - and want everyone else to fell equally cynical.
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