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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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Your sarcasm aside, there is a key difference, in that one scenario posits characters who are essentially magic, and the other posits that magic suffuses existence. It's really the same fundamental difference between Wars and Trek, and to attack someone who likes to recognize that distinction is ungracious.
Relax, I'm not attacking anyone. I'm just teasing. And I'm pointing out that there is plenty about comic books that is intrinsically silly. There was a time when comic books weren't ashamed of that fact, when anything was fair game no matter how bizarre or insane, because it was all just supposed to be fun and playful and the creators and fans didn't get as self-conscious about taking it seriously as they do these days. Lee and Kirby certainly didn't care about the distinction between science and magic; the Fantastic Four may have gotten their power from cosmic rays, but Dr. Doom is as much a sorceror as a scientific genius.
Besides, magic is just technobabble technology that we can't explain yet.
Which, ironically, was Hank Pym's take on he subject in his Mighty Avengers days.
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