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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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I understand, yes, thank you. I do now see why he could never beat Spielberg because of his successful original screenplays compared to JJ's
Any reference to screenplays is notably absent in my post.
So my interpreting you're statement: "he's not going to be remembered decades from now for his films if he's not able to create memorable original hits." to mean original screenplays (IOW: "written by") was totally off the mark?

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Abrams has written a script or two, as has Lucas (I really don't know if Spielberg writes, I'm embarrassed to admit). Nonetheless, my point stands.
Appreciate the honesty. :Thumbsup: I was off base with my "J.J. could "never" beat Spielberg" statement, his career isn't over yet...

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