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Captain Ice wrote:
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Whoops... sorry, didn't see that! Talk about prime camouflage.

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I have to stay connected pretty much all the time, but there are a few exceptions. I change the site every 3 days (I've only done so once so far). I disconnect to shower, and during certain workouts where it would be awkward -- I can take it off for swimming, for example. But generally no more than an hour, because it delivers a microdose of insulin every hour, and because the pump doesn't use a long-acting basal insulin. Basal insulins stay in your blood for about 24 hours. The pump uses only short-acting insulin, which stays in the blood around 4 hours, so diabetic ketoacidosis can set in much, much faster if a dose is missed. I could have it off for longer than an hour, but I'd have to reconnect on the hour for a minute to get the dose, or take a shot.
I'm glad to hear that this device helps make life easier for you. I can appreciate how much of a pain it is to get regular shots instead. Hope it all works out well.
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