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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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I understand, yes, thank you. I do now see why he could never beat Spielberg because of his successful original screenplays compared to JJ's
Any reference to screenplays is notably absent in my post. Some directors write and some don't; some directors make movies like E.T. and Star Wars...and some directors make franchise flicks like Mission Impossible and Star Trek. Abrams got in a good shot with Super 8, but while it made a tidy profit it did not win wide praise or a place in recent film history as particularly memorable. He's still short a Jaws or an American Graffitti, much less an E.T., a Star Wars or an Alien before he can ascend into the pantheon alongside his heroes and mentors.

Abrams has written a script or two, as has Lucas (I really don't know if Spielberg writes, I'm embarrassed to admit). Nonetheless, my point stands.

"Among geekdom?" Fuck "geekdom;" nerd praise don't feed the bulldog. OTOH, Lucas and Spielberg pretty much invented skiffy movie geekdom.
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