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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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Correct. And, in your opinion, the answer is...?
You have that answer. I think he should focus his efforts on the new franchise. It's true that a person can attempt to do many things at once, but rather than try to ride two horse at once, he should over the reins to another rider.

I agree that the latest film may benefit from this news (it is, after all, already in the can), but the third Trek film would now be competing for attention with the very first film in the restart of the most beloved film franchise in history.

If Star Wars is not a hit, if it is another prequels-type nightmare, this could really hurt JJ. A new Star Wars movie must be great. Trek, on the other hand, was so tired and weak that a decent entry would be heralded as an achievement. JJ has stated that for him Star Wars is sacred and that he would not approach it lightly (indeed, he claimed that he would not approach it at all - I guess $$$ solved that problem). I don't blame him and I think he should focus his efforts on SW.
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