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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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However directing Trek and Wars could, if he plays his cards right, propel him into position of greatest director of all time, geekdom wise and I hope he pulls that off.

The difference between an immensely talented man like Abrams working in the current movie business and people like Spielberg, or Lucas, or Scott, or a number of others in the last generation is that they were able to build their reputations creating original films based on their own ideas - or, at the very least, based on source material that didn't have a studio's fingerprints on it several times over.

Today even the best seem to spend most of their careers toiling to deliver product for one franchise or another - movies adding to an already existing series, remakes, flicks generated from comic books, toys, old TV shows and even board games.

I'm sure that Abrams will deliver an awesome Star Wars movie, and more great Star Trek. But he's not going to be remembered decades from now for his films if he's not able to create memorable original hits.
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