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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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I think the Diamondback's did as much as they could with this one...
Trading Justin Upton for Randall Delgado, some garbage prospects and a one-year experiment of Martin Prado at third isn't any sort of a positive for the Diamondbacks. Towers is pretty clearly selling out to win now, otherwise he'd have spun Upton and Bauer off for better prospects, instead of immediate contributors. A competent GM probably would have drawn the line at Andrelton Simmons, or maybe Kris Medlen.

That is a messed-up organization right now.
Agreed, though there has clearly been no love lost between management and Upton since Colangelo left. Upton's attitude has been a huge problem the last two years. To be honest, his ass should have been gone in July, but nothing materialized.

Upton for Prado and prospects is a lopsided deal by itself. Everyone here knew Upton would have had better numbers if he had tried last year. Upton AND Johnson??? Granted, Johnson is a pretty shitty 3B but, WTF Kevin? You could have at least tried to get another decent player out of this deal.
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