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Thank you

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Here's my vegetarian and diabetes friendly dinner tonight, spaghetti squash, asparagus, brussels sprouts and pesto, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and aged parmesan flakes:

Ooo, another idea for this week's dinners


And now something from me. I found the recipe yesterday and already tested. It's nice

1 melon
1 red onion
olives (the original recipe says they should be black, but I use my favourite green)
fresh parsley
fresh mint
1 lime

Slice the onion and marinade the onion rings in the lime juice for half an hour (in the fridge). Then dry the onion and put into a bowl.

Cut the olives. Use a special spoon to "dig" balls of melon (I didn't bother, I just cut the melon to small cubes). Chop the mint and parsley (I used mixed lettuce instead, because could buy neither yesterday). Add into the bowl with the onion and sprinkle with a bit of pepper. Mix and enjoy.

You can use a watermelon instead of a melon.

I will also add shreds of pomelo the next time I prepare it.

Here are photos:
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