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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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So, what characters do want to see? Clea and Wong are non-brainers, along with the Ancient One.

As for the villains, the big question: do you go straight to Dormammu right away, or do you tease him a bit by bringing in Mordo or Umar first? Or do you go with Nightmare instead?


I'd probably start with an origin story of Dr. Strange and develop the characters which would mean going with Mordo by default. Strange's initial disbelief of magic and his rivalry with Mordo. His discipleship with the Ancient One and later as his "father figure".

The second movie, I'd go with Dormammu and introduce Clea. This time go with more sfx with Dormammu and the Dark Dimension.

I agree with your takes on Lee/Ditko and Englehart/Brunner/Colan being my 2 favorite periods from the comics.Who can forget the classic "search for Eternity" or the Silver Dagger saga? However, my favorite villain will always be Nightmare!
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