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Re: My father died today

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He had Parkinson's and had suffered pneumonia over new years, and was just slowly fading away. He died peacefully with my mum at his side.

Bye Dad, enjoy those football matches up there.
So sorry for your loss, Candlelight. My own Dad died February 18 of last year. Dad, who was a retired NASCAR race driver, died on the first day of race season last year. I think my most difficult time will be watching that first race and thinking of Dad. Race day was always our special time to visit. He always had some insight about racing that suddenly made the race come alive to me.

You will find your own special trigger, too. It will come when you least expect it... a small thing. A car will pass like the one your dad owned, etc. Instead of being sad, use those triggers to recall pleasant memories and special times spent together.

My prayers and best wishes to all who have lost loved ones.
Agreed. For me, it seems to be the start of baseball season. Dad was a huge baseball fan and we spent a lot of time watching the games together. Last year (Dad passed in Dec 2011), I wound up watching very few games because of this. i am hoping that I will be able to watch at least half the games this year (both Diamondbacks fans).
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