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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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But my point being - during the RTD era you had like 2 other series running - Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures. So I could understand the necessity to have shorter seasons and maybe even split it up a bit.

Now there's just Dr. Who and that's really it.
Absolutely. There is simply no excuse.

Edit: I think what gets me the most is exactly what has bugged a few others: a 60 minute 'special' simply isn't special enough for a 50th anniversary. Any other show, yes. But a half century is a fucking milestone that deserves far more respect than an episode with an identical running time to your average end-of-year Christmas episode. Especially given we're getting fuck all in terms of other output in the same year. They can't stump up just that bit more cash for this monumental occasion? I call bullshit on that.

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