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teacake wrote: View Post
That said some sugar in chillie is good too.
Mom always put sugar in pasta sauce or chili (anything with a tomato base) to lessen the acidity. I have since tried a small amount of brown sugar to such recipes. I am talking a very small amount... not enough to change the taste.
J. Allen wrote: View Post
I'm fine with talking about both, though I get annoyed if people start making accusations and such. You know, like "meat is murder and you're a cold blooded killer!" or "you're going to die of protein starvation! You're afraid of a little blood!" and such.
This is the reason I was afraid to ask questions here. The only veggie-tarians I knew were very militant about it.

However, I feel very comfortable here now (well, J. Allen still scares me a bit ). Thanks everyone for the input. In the future, I may be asking for advice again. I do envy those who have access to such exotic foods. It would make for so much more variety.
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