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Re: 98th Annual Ronalds (film nominations)

Your post confirms my suspicions that my present DVD for METROPOLIS is the ''almost-complete'' version. I'll need to get the latest Kino version once the price comes down.

The nominations and awards for 1915-2004 were all decided in 2004, working backwards. (I was born in 1966.) Later years were mostly decided two weeks after the year was over....since there's usually one major contender leftover to see after New York and L.A. already have. The 2012 holdover THIS year was ZERO DARK THIRTY.

1927, of course, is the time when the actual Academy awards began. Or 1927-8, technically. So you can expect overlapping nominations for certain films. Sometimes they even choose the right winners. Since they often don't, that's why I took action.
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