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Re: 98th Annual Ronalds (film nominations)

Mmh, I really have to ask - are those authentic winner lists from the 20s or were those lists made after the fact? I'm asking this because Metropolis was never shown in its original form in the US back in the day. It was re-edited and its plot thereby altered considerably by Channing Pollock at Paramount. He removed the Hel storyline completely and everything he deemed communist. In his memoirs he wrote that he thought the original plot was silly and implausible. I have my doubts about it being admired in the US at the time.

It didn't fare very well in Germany at the time, either, because it was only shown for a short amount of time. A few months later, the American version was shown.

Of the other movies, I've only seen Tartuffe and Faust which are both great. Murnau FTW.

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This begs the question: when METROPOLIS was re-released with the '80s music, was that version 30 minutes shorter because of MTV short attention spans, or were the other minutes actually still missing at the time? My 1990 VHS ran two hours, but more missing moments have been unearthed since.
Well, as I hinted at in my previous post, parts of the film were missing until very recently - a quarter of the film actually. Most of it was discovered in an old cinema in Buenos Aires in 2008, albeit as a low-quality copy. It was quite the sensation at the time because everyone had been resigned to the fact that those parts of the film would never be recovered. This basically complete version was released in 2010 (first in cinemas, then on DVD) with the original score (shortened accordingly). Before that, there had been a release of the remastered 'most-complete' version (missing a chunk but with inserts detailing the missing scenes), also with the original score. (That was in 2001 or 2002, I think). But now it's actually a real movie again.
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