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Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Last Stand

Not going to do a more formal review given the movie came out last week, but a quick one:

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a lot of fun, good action in it, but a lot of ridiculousness to it. (First of all, I doubt even a super-charged Corvette is going to go nearly 200 miles an hour in reverse!) The blood splatters from the gun shots was way over the top and you knew the kid was dead as soon as he had the heart-to-hear, "I want something bigger!" talk he had with Arnie.

But, over all, it was a fun movie. I enjoyed it I think it shows Arnie can certainly come back into this even though he's looking more and more like the fake rubber Arnie double used for the effects in the first Terminator. Fun movie, and I think it got going more once all of the set-up stuff was over and the "story" was really going (Once Danny Deadmeat Deputy died) the movie got good. A lot of the setup with the most incompetent FBI group ever was boring.

Some stuff was too much to take, like the Corvette that speeding toward Mexico at 200 miles an hour for the better part of day or two and... never... needs... gas?!

Fun movie.
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