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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

Y'know honestly I think Moffat could never hack doing an American TV series that's one thing that's for certain. I mean most of the hour long dramas run at least 15-23 episodes a SEASON - which is really like August/September until about May and then it starts up again. So the fact that in one year - one FULL year he only managed 6 episodes and a Christmas special. That's... kind of sad. While yes, there are SFX to worry about - it's still not THAT much of an effects driven show. Not like say, Star Trek or Stargate and even they still managed to put in 20-some odd episodes.

I mean when you have a show that's getting some steady interest - you don't just put out seven episodes in one year and expect people to flock to it when it does return.

Say what you will about Davies, at least you still got 13 episodes a year plus the specials.
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