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Re: Simon & Schuster to release ST titles in eBook omnibi?

Deano2099 wrote: View Post
Some of these are out now, David Mack's blog confirmed that the Destiny collection is the revised version - and on Amazon UK at least they seem to be decent value - 7 for Destiny and 9 for the Typhon Pact book.
Awesome... thanks for sharing that! I already had the individual pBook releases, so I didn't feel any need to buy the pBook omnibus. However, I wanted a copy of Destiny for my Kobo, so I had planned to buy the eBook version of the omnibus... and then of course they didn't release it. Now that they have, and the author confirmed it is the "tweaked" version... sold!

(OT: When I bought this, I also got the complete HGttG "trilogy". I have wanted this as an eBook version for a while now, but it wasn't available last time I went looking...)

DS9forever wrote: View Post
I would have included Rough Beasts of Empire with Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn.
Me too. If they had done that, I would have considered buying it... if it also didn't have that $26 price tag!

I hope these eBook omnibuses catch on. I normally buy my ST books in hardcopy, but some of them I'd like to have eBook versions of too. However, I'm not going to pay full eBook price just to have the same book in two formats. But omnibuses released a few years later could (hopefully) be sold at a discount. Imagine a few years down the road getting the entire Vanguard saga as an eBook omnibus. With eBooks, it doesn't matter if the printed equivalent would look like two phone books glued together...

What I really want, right now, is an eBook-only updated version of the Bloodwing Voyages omnibus which includes The Empty Chair. I understand why they did it the way they did it back in 2006, but it's been six years now, so hopefully they wouldn't be hurting the bottom line too much by adding the final chapter. (But keep the original BV cover design mostly intact... I love that cover!)
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