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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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The split of Series 6 into two halves was allegedly because he'd spread himself too thinly across both Doctor Who and Sherlock, but it seems like he just can't get it together now.
That is said sometimes, but wasn't Series 6 shot on normal schedule, and only aired later? So TD,T,WDAN,KL,FYAIF,Lp would have been the first Moffat Who episode made later than usual (cause that one was even if it aired on time).

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To be honest, I think they'd be better off simply admitting that Doctor Who only has six episodes each series from now on. None of this 'Series "x" Part "x"!' business.
I don't think as little as half will become the norm but maybe eight like this year.

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The trouble is obviously that Steven Moffat is incompetent.
They just want to save some money by (sort of) inconspicuously shortening the seasons a bit.

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