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Re: 100th VOY caption contest! How Harry Kim Became Promoted!

Thanks for the win!

Kim: I think it's time that I get a promotion.

Paris: <Spit take>

Kim: Why are you handling my yearly review?

The Doctor: Since I'm a hologram, I can multitask better. I'm checking my emails, updating my Spacebook status and making dinner reservations while I do this.

Kim: So when are we going to talk about me?

The Doctor: Are you still here?

Kim: Seriously. Commander, I should get a bump in rank. I've got this phaser and I know how to use it!

Chakotay: No, you don't.

Kim: No, I don't, but I can learn!

Hogan: Harry, we heard what happened down on the planet...

Kim: Really, guys, it wasn't THAT bad.

Chakotay: So then, Harry tried to show me how good he was with the hand phaser...

B'Elanna: And?

Chakotay: The Doctor said his self-inflicted phaser wound isn't serious.

Janeway: I'm sick of hearing about this thing about Harry needing a promotion.

Seven: Shall I inform him of your decision, Captain?

Janeway: Yes...

Seven: This is your consolation prize, Crewman Kim.
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