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Haven't shared this outside TNZ, but it's my 3rd day on an insulin pump, and I'm actually starting to feel more confident about it. At first I was a bit depressed about how ugly it is, but I'm starting to feel better about it. Last night I even went out, and I think I managed to look pretty nice despite it.
Wow, looks like a remote control device of some sort. Do you have to wear it clipped to a belt or can you slip it inside a pocket? Also, I'm curious so I hope you don't mind my asking; do you have to wear it all the time or can you go for periods without having it hooked up?
The belt clip is removable. I had to use it with those jeans because they are really tight, so it wouldn't fit in the pocket (I was going out, though, and they make my butt look great). I did wear it in my pocket when I had on looser pants, though. They also make arm bands and thigh bands in all different styles, so I think I'm going to get some of those too.

I have to stay connected pretty much all the time, but there are a few exceptions. I change the site every 3 days (I've only done so once so far). I disconnect to shower, and during certain workouts where it would be awkward -- I can take it off for swimming, for example. But generally no more than an hour, because it delivers a microdose of insulin every hour, and because the pump doesn't use a long-acting basal insulin. Basal insulins stay in your blood for about 24 hours. The pump uses only short-acting insulin, which stays in the blood around 4 hours, so diabetic ketoacidosis can set in much, much faster if a dose is missed. I could have it off for longer than an hour, but I'd have to reconnect on the hour for a minute to get the dose, or take a shot.

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