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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

I really enjoyed the comic. It takes its time to set up the story, provides sufficient background on each of its characters to set them up for their role in the story and even references the ongoing series as well as the first movie. I don't feel as though the story itself is going to be much more complex than a standard 2 issue story but they're taking more time, which is something I've wanted to see in the ongoing comic.

Characterisation felt solid and Kudos for giving Uhura the conn but that doesn't alter the fact that the comic is seriously top heavy with men. The ongoing comic has put some small effort into introducing a few more recurring women in the form of security guards but this issue doesn't bode well for the equality of the sexes in the sequel if it represents their approach to the supporting characters (and one extra female crew member isn't anywhere near enough to make up the difference). Apart from a dream sequence reflecting scenes from the first movie (and even then that was top heavy with men) Uhura is pretty much it for the gals.

Overall it's a good start to the series. There is certainly enough here to pique curiosity for the rest of the series and the sequel.
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