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Re: *~Real Vote: DS9 Avatar Contest 173!!

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(Question - why do some of your photos have urls in them, not just photo codes??)
They probably link back to the hosting website.
Yeah, I'm just not sure why...

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Too bad more people couldn't have voted...I remember when these things used to get tons of votes and tons of submissions.
I think with the bad economy people are just super busy.

Or in my case my roomie seems to have gone insane. I've given her +10 wk notice thinking it would give her plenty of time, but apparently she's going to spend it being an ass... XD

Winners so far:
DS9 episode: Praetor Shinzon
DS9 Theme: Deranged Nasat

Weird results for the Random Theme... comparing the 2 polls. Run-off for this poll's 2 tied members? o.0
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