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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

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There are a host of other things, but it all adds up to me refusing to buy TOS-R and stick with my dvd box sets.

Maybe one day TOS will be enhanced yet again only this time with a vision of making it all look like it's all of the same show while still featuring upgraded f/x.
I bought the TOS/TOS-R Blu-ray set but except for most of the enhanced matte paintings (passionate work in this department) I still do prefer the VFX effects of the original series.

Considering that there are so many beautiful VFX shots of the Enterprise in the original series (not to mention the VFX footage from the second pilot that never made it!) I, too, hope there'll be an upgrade - and only if to use second and third season original footage to replace the VFX footage of the pilot 11-footer throughout the regular series.

But please not another release in the original airdate order (who cares?!). IMHO, production order is the only one that makes sense and if CBS feels they need to be original they can go for the stardate order - and put "Day of the Dove" (stardate unknown) last.

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