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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Unfortunately, some of the major themes from this week's episode have already been explored in the SW universe: chiefly, to swoop in and rescue a population from a fake attack is really Darth Sidious's plan to take over the Republic, in microcosm. I'm assuming that knowledge of that plan helped Darth Maul concoct his scheme this week. Unfortunately also, it was a foregone conclusion that Maul would win the duel. Were it not for its predictability and its not having much new thematic ground to cover, this would have been a better episode.
Well Darth Sidious might be pulling strings somewhere in the very depths but otherwise this is pretty much Maul.

Maul considers himself and Savage as the truth Sith and feels that Sidious has betrayed him and would probably be next on the block after Obi-wan if possible.
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