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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

None of this being spoilers, but the actual explanations in the episode answer some of your questions:

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Why would the bad guys recongnise Kosh without his suit
Not just the bad guys; "everyone" would recognize Kosh.

but apparently don't know the secret of Vorlons in general?
I'm not sure what you mean by this. What the scene establishes is that the Shadows don't know much the Vorlons know; they know there's a Vorlon on Babylon 5, they know it's encountering the younger races, they've met Kosh (remember in Season 1, Kosh confronted Morden and if "Morden is never alone!" as Delenn said, who was he really confronting...?), but they don't know that the Vorlon is actually conspiring with the other races against the Shadows.

Who was the ancient race that fought the enemy?
Not one race, many. Many different civilizations and cultures and beings left the galaxy after the Shadow War a thousand years ago. Of the First Ones, only the Vorlons and Shadows remain in our galaxy. As to who these other races? That is a good question...

Why did they die/leave, if they hadn't destroyed the enemy?
They thought the Shadows were defeated for good. It was only recently that it turns out they weren't. After all, Delenn's question was "Have the Shadows returned to Z'ha'dum?" But they'd actually been on Z'ha'dum quite a long time; they were only woken once Anna Sheridan/Morden's team appeared.
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