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Re: Possible Merger of Star Trek and Star Wars

OK, this thread quickly went down the rabbit-hole of discussion about companies and business and capitalism in the real world.

Sorry about that. I do understand the unlikeliness of a merger or cross-over happening.
I was more interested in peoples thoughts about what such a merger might look like (regardless of how unlikely). Guess I should have named the thread better.

My initial guesses were mostly negative, thinking the merger would mess up some of the unique thinks the different franchises focus on.

But a good point was made that it's really all about the characters. It would be interesting to see certain characters intereact.

Kira and Leia
Spock and Yoda
Data and R2D2 / C3PO
Worf vs Darth Vader


Anyone else interested in certain pairings, no matter how unlikely it is that they will ever happen?
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