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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Neither am I. I don't mind elements and species from the Thrawn trilogy being used in new film scripts or even Thrawn himself as a supporting character, but don't follow the storyline of the books. Create new situations involving Thrawn if you're going to use him.
Well, that would contradict the EU, which I think should be respected even if most fans are illiterate and too lazy to follow it. Contradicting the Thrawn trilogy would be a pretty dumb way of trying to win fans over. It's as beloved as the original trilogy, even by those that don't like Star Wars books.
Yeah, this idea has been fairly well put to rest by others this afternoon, from a variety of angles. The idea that fans are illiterate is a non-starter; fans of the films may read, but just read other things besides EU stuff. I'm a huge fan of the films, but most of the EU stuff doesn't interest me. Yet I read. A lot.

Also, there's this: If fans of the films are generally illiterate as you say, then there must not be a lot of EU fans to win over anyway. The smart money would be to win over the "non-fans," which is another point others have raised already.

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Forget that trilogy. First, JJ has NOTHING to do with the story. It is being written by someone else BASED on whatever concept/idea GL included in his sale to Disney.

And not EVERYONE liked the trilogy.
Well, I'd say the majority of readers were satisfied by Zahn's trilogy and the fact everybody in this thread knows which books I'm talking about when this isn't even a Star Wars forum proves their popularity.
No it doesn't. Familiarity doesn't prove popularity, not at all. Just because fans might keep their ears to the ground to keep abreast of what's out there, that doesn't mean they actually like it.

Practically every Star Trek fan has heard of Plato's Stepchildren, because it's been heralded for the interracial kiss scene, but that doesn't make that a popular episode. Similar remarks apply to Spock's Brain.
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