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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Not at all. I said many have social skills problems. I myself am autistic and I don't think I have any problems interacting with people in the real world.
You're very lucky. I'm in the same boat but I have atrocious social skills and am therefore fair game for abuse. You have like... the best of both worlds by being autistic and being able to function socially with no problems at all.
Well on the downside, I'm damn near sociopathic in my ability to empathize with other human beings, even if I've gotten quite good at faking it to the extent that other people think I can. Social skills are simply a necessary tool to survive in the outside world, much as having a knife and a first aid kit would be in the jungle.

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Maybe you should start adding "in my opinion" and/or "in my experience" to more of your statements.
It would make no sense if I said "In my opinion, people don't read as much any more". That isn't an opinion.
Yes, yes it is. When you can point to a sample set substantially larger than your friends, you might have some ground to stand on.
Even if he's wrong, that still doesn't make it an opinion. If I said, "the sky is made of purple condoms," it'd be wrong, but it wouldn't be my opinion. Saying "In my opinion, the sky is made of purple condoms" would be wrong AND I'd look like a git for saying it's my opinion what color the sky is and what it's made of.
I am the one who guided you this far.
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