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Re: Problem with the episode "Justice"

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What have you got against oil?
besides having to carpet bomb third world villages to lower the price at the pump by a penny? Nothing... Just kidding, lol

But seriously, you must know you glanced over the point. The oil is there to accentuate the sexuality, which is there to heighten the sense of an ideal culture of carnal pleasures, an ideal culture 100% comprised of simple minded Hitler fap fodder

It's a bit gauche at the very least, especially since they'd already featured the belligerent, dishonest, kidnapping, vaccine lording culture of people who looked and sounded like they'd just walked out of Eddie Murphy's fictional Zamunda

Were all those things likely inadvertent? Probably, but it's still a reason to have problems with those 2 episodes in my opinion
Also worth noting is that the Ferengi look like antisemetic stereotypes.
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