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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

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Never expect techno-babble to make much sense, such as a line in STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME where a starship having lost all power will try deploying "solar sails" to generate enough power to maintain life support.
You are mean! Especially ST IV and some of its ideas (please not another time paradox debate) isn't excactly "science" but has a lot of fiction downright to nonsense. They can't re-crystallize dilithium in the 23rd Century because they don't have gamma radiation?!? When you have nuclear fusion or matter-antimatter annihilation the one thing these crystals are most definitely exposed to is - gamma radiation!!!!

However, I dare to say that ST IV is an exception. And in this particular (TOS) thread thus far, I do believe to see more convergence and continuity than the opposite, which may suggest that the producers of TOS paid more attention to these trivial issues, than (sorry to say) the producers of ST IV.

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