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I'm not jumping to any conclusions. Generally speaking, people don't really read that much any more.
Yes, yes you are - you are asserting that people 'don't read that much any more' that is a conclusion, your evidential base is "I fink" and "people I know".

Let's play a game called 'evidence'.

I'll start and then you join in, the Kasier Family foundation found that the amount of time that 8-18 year olds spent reading for pleasure increased between 1999-2010.

Now you present something that evidences your claim that "people really read that much any more".

Good now we have something to discuss that is not "I fink", if you read within the actual report it says reading is starting to increase again - and that at least a third of children read everyday and across the week at least half read something - how does that equate with "nobody reads anymore?"
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