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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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I think you are quite young? Views based on what you know personally are simply a reflection of our own experiences and biases. Let's say you knew some black people and they were lazy, would you pop up on here and claim that all black people are lazy?
You're really going THERE??

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DalekJim may be generalising a wee bit but it's obviously not unheard for your own experiences to influence your findings. Everybody does it (see the countless "well, my friend now likes Star Trek..." line that is wheeled out when someone dismisses Trek XI's lasting impact) so I don't 'fink' it's unreasonable to at least be civil in your reply.
Thank you. While yes, individual personal experience is rather limited and doesn't always portray a larger picture, it's futile to only discuss things from a detached, "objective" manner and not bring personal experience into it, especially with the advent of the Internet, we're aware of cultural trends and the opinions of people who live thousands of miles away and since studies and statistics are not nearly as clear-cut "evidence" as you seem to think. Tons of factors must go into knowing the context to understand how much has been skewed. Who gave the study? For how long? How many people? For what reasons did this behavior change? To what degree (IE, was it the number of books going up or the number of people reading in the first place)? etc.
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