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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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No, he doesn't mock people for having nerdy qualities - he mocks them because they think that their nerdy tendencies make them better than other people or give them special insight or entitlement (or at least that is how I see it).
A ridiculous thing to mock others for. I don't expect or want anyone to cater to me either, I've got enough media I enjoy and can create my own to satisfy myself, but it's common human nature to get territorial about something one enjoys, especially when one feels like outside intervention is going to change the reason they like it. 99% of people, including the oft-discussed "general public," don't think of things they like in terms of whether a greater group of people will similarly like it; they think in terms of whether they like it and speak accordingly. Add in many nerds' social skills problems and inability to understand the gap between their wants and others. I don't necessarily agree with someone saying JJ Abrams NEEDS to make the Trek they want to watch (although let's face it; this is basically what anyone who criticizes something and says should have been done like "X" instead is saying), but bullying others for feeling that way is worse.
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