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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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If you don't think a substantially smaller percentage of the population reads than experiences other forms of media, or that the very act of reading is culturally looked down upon in a way no other form of media is, then I want to live where you are. This has nothing to do with where anyone's personal experiences; it's how the culture is. Social media? Okay. Listening to music? Okay. Watching a movie? Okay. Reading a book? Nowhere near as common as those others.
I got called a loser for saying I'd like to stay in and read only like.. 3 days ago. It's completely taboo. And if you do read it's only really acceptable if it's one of the series that have been adapted in to films.
Its a big diverse world out there. Go out and experience it. There are more opinions than the ones expressed by your small circle of friends.
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