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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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For some reason, the character animation here seemed much worse than last week. The characters' movements seemed unnatural and awkward, with lots of unnecessary, kind of random movements. There was none of the subtlety I saw in Maul's character animation last week -- which is odd, since I would've expected the same key animator would stick with a given character. But maybe they assign different episodes in an arc to different animation teams working side by side in order to meet the schedule. They did that with shows like Batman: The Animated Series in the past, and you could often see a profound difference in animation quality between the halves of a 2-parter, say. In a case like this, everyone's using the same digital models, so the characters look consistent, but they may not be animated/performed with the same quality every week.

I also found the script rather weak in this one, the dialogue clunky and the story too quick to unfold.
Maybe just due to the scope? The open world of Mandalore(sp?) might be harder to pull of than the dark close quarters of the caves?

I agree it wasn't as strong as the last episode but it was all right. I liked that moment when Savage threw that woman at the edge, they did that pretty well. I'll miss that dark light knife though we might get to see(hear?) more of Katee Sackhoff's character now.
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