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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

And Now for a Word - I liked this episode, although it had some flaws. The reporter was really annoying. I think I know what they were going for with her, and I think they succeeded. She seemed like the kind of annoying, jerk reporter you might see today. I still wanted to see her get punched in the face, like what you could do to the reporter in the Mass effect Games The Doctor's story was depressing. You'd think airlocks wouldn't be so easy to open. Its like if someone could just open an airplane door while in the air. The Narn attack on the minbari ship was interesting. The reporter acting like paparazzi with Kosh was goofy, but fit her character. It was really interesting to learn more about the Minbari and their homeworld. Then, the reporter acting like an ass to Delenn, which cemented my opinion that the reporter needed to be thrown out the nearest airlock as soon as possible. Learning more about G'Kar, and his history with the Centauri, was also very interesting. It definately helps understand him better. Londo was cool, but completely full of it. The Psi corps commerical was creepily real, exactly what I'd expect for a real commercial from them. The cruiser fight, and then the full on fight, was entertaining and done well. I liked Delenn's comments about B5 at the end. Overall, I liked this episode. The reporter was annoying and the news style really didn't need to be done, but the stuff actually happening around the news report was very good, and made up for the fact that I wished it wasn't in a news report format.

In the Shadow of Za'Ha'Dum - This episode...was ok, but not great. The Morden/Sheridan confrontations annoyed me. Garibaldi "resigning" was predictable and obviously not permenant. Winters was an ass (she senses stuff about the guy, but then slaps Sheridan? I mena, it was a jerk move, but he proved that something is obviosuly up with the guy). The reveals by Kosh and Delenn were very interesting, and save this episode from being mediocre. It was nice to have atleast a few questions answered, even if it just raises more (Why would the bad guys recongnise Kosh without his suit, but apparently don't know the secret of Vorlons in general? Who was the ancient race that fought the enemy? Why did they die/leave, if they hadn't destroyed the enemy?). Overall, this was an ok episode, saved from just being average by finally giving some answers. Of the three episodes I wasn't sure about (There all the Honor Lies, And Now for a Word, and this one) it was the weakest, but its not bad.
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