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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

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why are they in the machinery for the entire episode when the process was complete 1/3rd way into the episode?
Because the first Lazarus steals the re-energized ones, and the second one sabotages the machinery while stealing the next batch?

It's not as if the thefts would be limited by the ability of the Lazari to carry just two crystal paddles; four could just as easily be pilfered. That just two are taken could easily mean that just two were done...
It's not how many they took but the status of the crystals and where they were taken from. The crystals were fully re-amped before Lazarus 1 stole the first pair. They were not indicated to be needing a re-amp again when the last pair were stolen. Why were they still in that energizer for almost the entire episode if all it can do according to you is re-amp when they should have been moved back to their normal power-providing location as soon as they were re-amped?

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Do you think they had time to properly energize or amplify the crystal necklace used in "Elaan of Troyius"?
Probably not a factor if it's "fresh"... And even if they aren't at peak efficiency, they are still better than no crystals or drained crystals.
I can agree with "no crystals" but I don't see any difference between "drained crystals" and these never been used before crystals. They still would be starting at a zero or low charge. If you mean that properly energize them to a minimum level so they can start to discharge like a lithium ion battery in a laptop then that would make sense.

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The need to use an energizer would be an extremely rare occurrence, as it would be almost unheard of for crystals to be drained. Normal operations might result in gradual drain; time travel would result in more rapid degradation; but only an entire universe hiccuping would create a crisis so severe that four or more dilithium paddles would need to be energized "from ground up".
But in your description the crystals are *always* being drained. Small amount or large amount, it still means they are constantly being drained and requiring a "re-amp". But if we believe that the energizer in "The Alternative Factor" is the only way to "re-amp" the crystals then the crystals would be constantly carried back and forth between rooms on the slightest drain leaving them vulnerable during critical moments.

Why can they not have the ability to re-amp/re-charge crystals in place rather than carry it to a dedicated machine?

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In TOS, you can bypass the crystals and still have some warp power. But in ENT and TNG you cannot.
Quite so. Doesn't mean there would be any fundamental difference in the setup. The TNG one is simply more streamlined and reliant on things working smoothly - a common feature in the evolution of technology.
I disagree as they are fundamentally different.

In TOS, the crystals are not necessary for the operation of the ship's engines as long as they have working bypass circuits.

In ENT and TNG they are critical to the operation of the ship's engines as they regulate the matter-antimatter reaction.

From "Bound"
KELBY: The injectors feed into the dilithium chamber.
D'NESH: That's where the matter and antimatter mix.
KELBY: That's right.
D'NESH: The crystals let you control the reaction.

But that kind of gets back to the OP's topic.

In TOS, crystals are not necessary for matter-antimatter reaction.
In ENT and TNG, crystals are necessary for matter-antimatter reaction.

So, do ALL the warp-capable shuttlecraft use dilithium crystals in them?

Did the shuttle in "The Menagerie" that chased the Enterprise have crystals?

Did "First Contact"'s Zephram Cochrane warp ship have dilithium crystals? Did it even use a matter-antimatter engine or was a fusion reactor it's power source enough to achieve warp speed?
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