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Re: Ridiculous Injuries

Spiral fracture in my left leg at the age of 7 from jumping out of a treehouse and missing a pile of sand.

A few months later, slipped on wet grass and rebroke the leg in the same spot.

Just shy of fourteen, I had a lateral malleolus fracture requiring surgery to repair the damage. That involved teasing the class idiot, tripping on a tarp over the gym floor (quarter inch of foam rubber over concrete) and wearing tights and penny loafers.

At 24, I stepped out of my front door, misstepped onto the welcome mat, rolled the ankle and broke the right foot in two places. I heard the pop and remember the moment of impact. Painful.

It turns out that I could never fall in such a way to minimize impact because I was born with too straight of legs. I'm naturally off-balance which means a fall that might just mean a sprain is likely going to mean a break for me. I had been known as the family klutz, but after that discovery not long after I turned 29, I was no longer the klutz!

I twisted my arm by swinging on a tree branch and falling and twisted the same arm later by falling in gym class when we were roller skating.

ETA: Oh yes... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by marathon crocheting.
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