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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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It's as beloved as the original trilogy, even by those that don't like Star Wars books.
Not even close.
Not by the public obviously, but they hate books in general. With fans the Thrawn trilogy are universally loved. At school like 5 other people in my class had read 'em. More than had read Lord of the Rings.

Nerys Myk wrote:
I doubt that winning over fans of the EU is going to a major concern of Disney.

Uh, the same Disney which made The Avengers conclude with just about the most obscure Marvel villain possible being revealed? Thrawn is FAR more well known.

The old days of franchise movies being universally unfaithful and oblivious to fan demands are dying. Keeping the fans on your side is only ever good in the long run.
Thanos is obscure? Not if you read comics.

Thrawn is only well known in fandom circles, just like Thanos. No one outside of those circles know or care who Thrawn is. To them the only Star Wars villain is Dark Vader.

The trends seems to be going away from fan service. See just about any adaptation of an existing property in the last 10 years.
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