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Re: 2nd Asteroid prospecting company to start prospecting in 2015

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Eventually, the goal is to feed the company’s “MicroGravity Foundry,” a new type of 3-D printer that uses nickel-charged gas to print with metal in space. The company claims the metal components would be stronger than those made with traditional sintering methods, which would use low-melting point metals. Ultimately, the foundry would supply a deep-space factory making a wide range of parts, according to the company. It could print new parts for Mars missions, components for new outposts that would replace communications satellites, and even space stations that can beam power back to Earth. Like other asteroid-mining hopefuls, the company says asteroids could also become fuel sources for satellites.
The foundries will need to produce robot spacecraft to create the outposts, mars missions, etc. They're not doing all that with Earth launches. This is pretty clear.

PRI has lots of backers, I don't see competition as anything but positive, and backers are easier to find than ever for DSI.

You don't have a clue what goes into a "robot" do you? The technology involved in producing circuit boards? Processors? You don't build those items in foundries. There is a long industrial process involved in going from what's produced in a foundry to a finished product like a robot. DSI won't be building anything like that for a very. long. time. IF. IF they get funding and IF things work out, they will be making simple machine tooled parts and printed parts. Eventually. Someday. Not soon. But still much sooner than they will ever produce robots.

This would assume I said they would produce ALL the parts in the foundries, which I certainly did not.

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