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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

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At least two mentions of "Lana Banana", harkening back to the "Name Game" song, which I don't recall the first time, the "looking at evil and evil looks back" bit and the scene where Lana just simply...walks out.
Jude calls her Lana Banana in the first episode when Lana starts asking questions about Bloody Face. Then the scene cuts to Kit Walker, and when we get back to Lana she's in her apartment already. So I'd say that final scene between Lana and Jude gets inserted in between those times.

edit: in fact I just watched it again, and that's exactly where that scene goes. The whole "you're out of your depth Lana Banana" played in the final episode is word-for-word from episode 1, and that first episode then skips to Lana at home, where in the finale we finally see the conversation that took place before Lana went to discuss what was going on with Wendy.

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