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Re: Theory on money in the 24th century

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It costs not only energy but time. Even if you have energy, it must be allocated to produce your raw materials.
Under our current system, and possibly the future system of Star Trek, this allocation is by way of money.

As a citizen you submit the resources you will require or desire, for which you will be allocated so much work.
This (translation) means everyone would basically work for the allocators

On the other side the governments coordinate to manage production in anticipation for the requested consumables.
Or, market forces and customer need would control this.

... since like on current naval vessels, all your food [snip] is provided for and you basicly live for free off the energy and supplies of the ship.
On current naval vessels, officers pay for their food, just like they do on shore. Only the enlist eat for free, it's part of their enlistment contract.

When we see the officer's in ten forward, I've always figured that they are paying (payroll deduction/personal account) for the items they order.

Sometimes a perfect steak (which a replicator can provide)
Maybe it can't. Think about it, the replicator has been show/spoken of as having problems with organic materials. It plain can't produce certain drugs. And it can't produce actual internal organs, a replacement heart for Picard, the defective part of LaForge's vision. So if it can't make a Human heart, what makes you believe it can make cow muscle?

Your steak is perhaps a facsimile of cow muscle. A steak, a pork chop, a chicken breast, are all the same material. Different coloring, and artificial flavoring, but the same physical substance and structure.

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